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We have a state-of-the-art Telemedicine System

Live Video Chat

Robo Doctor is a first Telemedicine Solution which allows live video chat between doctor and patient. Just login and start consultation with your doctor and get diagnosed with different medical Peripherals anywhere anytime with just few click of mouse!

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Store and Forward

Don't want to visit clinic? Keep all your medical records online ; describe your condition and symptoms in your own words and send all of it to your doctor. Yes, our Store and Forward feature of Telemedicine will allow you to do so!

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Medical Peripherals

Range of devices are available with our Robo Doctor Solution to help the telemedicine process like Tele-Otoscope, Tele-Stethoscope, Digital ECG, Tele-Dermascope, and Vital Sign Monitor.

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USMDDirect Telemedicine web based portal provides complete Telehealth solution to ACOs. We connect Hospitals, Physicians, Emergency rooms, Nursing Homse and Home health agencies to provide cost effective, affordable, HIPPA compliant, easy to use and hand carry system. It reduces the readmission to hospital, unnecessary visit to emergency room, and significantly lowers Medicare cost. Request for demo

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Online Consultation

It is a highly advanced medical online consultation with real-time live video chat & telephone consultation with Top USA doctors.

Second Medical Opinion

Different doctors are available at one place for Second Medical Opinion.

Doctor On Call 24/7

Your doctor is just few clicks away. Chose from available doctors and start consultation immediately.


Get rid of the files

Put all your medical data on secure web server so that you can access it from anywhere in the world with just a click of mouse.

Use your medical devices

Upload your devices readings like glucometer, blood pressure monitor, etc to a centralized secure server automatically.


USMDDirect Electronic Medical Record is meant for all nursing homes & hospitals.